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Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement In Gary, IN

When you discover an issue with your Northwest Indiana home’s electrical system, you are sure to be filled with concern about the safety of your loved ones and home. Fortunately, the locally owned and operated team from Cruz Electric is just a call away at (219) 319-1170. The licensed electricians at Cruz Electric will often find that the issue is related to your home’s electric panel. They can correct any problems with a Gary electrical panel repair or electrical panel replacement in Gary. In addition to their fast response, you know you can count on this family-owned company for the highest quality work at fair prices.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

The electrical service line for your home enters an enclosure called an electrical panel. This is where the large power supply line is broken down into all the smaller circuits that will provide electricity to the various parts of your home. In addition, each circuit has a circuit breaker that adds safety to the electrical system by protecting against power spikes and fluctuations that could overload the electrical wires and start a fire in your home.

What is vital for all homeowners to understand is that damage to the panel or excess wear can degrade the safety features and increase the potential for hazardous or even life-threatening electrical shocks or electrical overloads in your home. So regular electrical system inspections and electrical panel repairs in Gary are critical to your home’s safety.

The Common Indications Of An Electrical Panel Issue

Knowing the importance of an electrical panel, you will want to know the signs of wear or issues with this essential safety device. Some of the common symptoms of a problem can include:
Remember, only a licensed electrician from Cruz Electric should ever open an electrical panel that feels warm to the touch or is making odd noises. Never risk your safety by investigating these serious electrical problems on your own. Instead, call (219) 319-1170, and know that the electricians at Cruz Electric will arrive quickly to locate any issue and provide you with a price quote for an electrical panel repair or fully warrantied electrical panel replacement in Gary.

Old Age Can Also Be A Problem

Like most mechanical devices, your electrical panel will degrade with age. In addition, the breakers are less reliable, so there is an increased risk of a circuit overload and electrical fire. If you are unsure of the age and dependability of your home’s electrical panel, call Cruz Electric at (219) 319-1170 for a complete inspection. Our team of experts has years of experience locating any issue with an electrical panel. In addition, we pledge to always provide as many cost-effective solutions as possible to our customers when we do find any electrical problems in their homes. Our priority is always to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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